Newborn hospital visits

I thought I’d share something a little different with everyone today. This image was taken only a few days after little Aiden was born in St. John of God Hospital, Geelong. This is always such a special time in a family’s life, when their newborn baby arrives into the world. Capturing the special moment is something that many people forget to do, purely for the simple reason that all of a sudden, there’s such a huge change to their life! If you are expecting a baby and would like to pre-organise a hospital visit to have these special moments captured, then please contact the studio a couple of weeks prior to your due date. The photography session usually lasts no longer than about 15 minutes to minimise disturbing the newborn. They will turn out to be the most precious 15 minutes of your life though once your newborns first days of life are recorded forever.


Geelong Photographer Riccardo 001


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