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Newborn photography Geelong

Before I became a parent, I used to hear parents always comment on how quick their  newborn child had grown and how in a wink of an eye their baby was at school. My first thought was always, time doesn’t go any faster or any slower for anyone…so I don’t get it. Fast forward a few years and now I’m a parent as well and boy oh boy was I very wrong,  they do grow really quickly!! It feels like one minute you’re in the delivery room waiting for this new little baby to emerge and then you blink and they’re crawling and trying to walk and talk. So I made it a point when my daughter was born to photograph her every three months. Apart from the thousands of photos we’ve taken with our small camera and phone, every three months we bring her into the studio and do a portrait session with her. She made me work for it the very first time we did this, but now she enjoys it, it’s more like a game than a photo session. Ok, I totally understand, not everyone is going to want to have their child photographed every three months (mainly because any “spare” time that parents have involves trying to catch up on things!) But, considering how precious your little child is, taking four hours over the course of a year to have them photographed, isn’t a lot of time. I can guarantee it’ll be time well spent.  So drawing on inspiration from my daughter, I was able to create something that I think is pretty unique in Geelong. The ability to record a child’s life over a period of time. Being that every moment you have with your child is precious, what if you could pause a moment? Not literally of course (I wish I could though!!) but pause in the sense of being able to hold on to a memory that your child creates forever. So I came up with my Moment in Time sessions. This is something that you really need to see to fully understand how beautiful and precious it really is. Portraits and albums that capture your child in a very special and unique way. You are more than welcome to visit the studio to view these beautiful products (appointments advisable, you can click Here to make a time), but hopefully this short video clip can help explain what I mean. For those of you that aren’t aware, my albums are hand made in Italy by some very clever people who use some very beautiful materials to put the albums together. That’s even more reason to come in and have a look. And, if all that wasn’t enough, all my wall portraits now come with a lifetime guarantee. That means that even if you damage the portrait by accident, you’re covered! How many places offer that sort of guarantee??  I hope you enjoy viewing this video clip as much as I enjoyed capturing the special moments in this child’s life.

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