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Styled wedding Video

Thanks to Video Vault, you can now take a look at the video clip from our styled vintage wedding¬†photography shoot. ¬†As I mentioned in a previous blog post, the shoot was a collaboration by a few different businesses in and around the Geelong area. The video obviously show’s what happened on the day, but as we all know, a lot of the magic that occurs in photos these days happens well after the photos are taken. Having said that, I am a firm believer that 95% of the work needs to be done when the photo is taken. Anything else that happens in Photoshop later is purely there to enhance the photo, not make it better. Incase you missed it and would like to see a few images that were taken on the day, click Here to view my previous blog post. I think that sometimes couples who are organising their wedding don’t realise how important it is to book businesses that can work well together. For instance, I always make a point of asking couples who is doing their flowers, hair and make up, mainly because what I need to get done at the brides house prior to the service, is so reliant on these other services. I’m sure that anyone else that collaborated on this project would tell you the exact same thing. Always talk to your photographer and tell them what other services you are using, because it can make a big difference on the day. Thank you also once again to Beachside Blooms Florist, Embrace Bridal Boutique, Ivy Creations Hair by Harbour, Oakdene Winery and obviously Video Vault for all their work on the collaboration.

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