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A Summer Family Portrait – dress correctly!

It’s hot outside, but fear not, a Summer family portrait can be fun and give you many years of enjoyment if you dress correctly. Here are some cool wardrobe tips to make sure your summer family photo session is a hit and will guarantee that your family portrait won’t look dated in just a few years. 

  • Wear light fabrics that let you breath, but still look polished. It’s OK to show some skin, too. Shorts are good, as are tank tops, but like any family portrait session, avoid clothes that have writing or patterns on them. Plain is best! Oh and don’t forget to colour coordinate. Choose one colour and make sure that the whole family dresses in a similar tone. So if for example you decide that white is the way to go, you can wear light blues, pale pinks etc. But don’t have one person in white, one in black, one in red…it just doesn’t work and will ruin your family portrait. 
  • Really play up the summer accessory factor. I’m talking sun hats for the ladies and big sunglasses for all. Bring your sun umbrella and bathers for something unique. It goes without saying too to bring a towel as things can sometimes get a bit out of hand with the splashing. 
  • You can even bring summer-appropriate props that complement your outfits. Maybe it’s a beach ball, balloons or a giant lollipop. For some extra fun, why don’t we get ice creams? It may get messy but there’s a good chance you’ll end up with some funny photos that you’ll look back on and always have a laugh over. 
  • Choose shoes that are comfortable and summery. Thongs, loafers, open-toed pumps, even Crocs are ok on your kids….do you even need shoes at all? We are in the sand after all!  

Having been a family portrait photographer in Geelong for almost 25 years, we are more than lucky to have some very beautiful beaches right at our doorstep. Why not use them to our advantage at this time of the year? 


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