Wedding photography by Riccardo

March is generally the busiest month in Geelong for wedding photography, and this year has been no different. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to photograph in some stunning locations this year. Everywhere from beautiful beaches to mansions. And I can honestly say,  myself and the bridal parties had an absolute awesome time in the process! One of my favourite things as a photographer is when I get to create a piece of art for my couples, something that they will treasure for years to come. Going with this philosophy, I have introduced a new package into my wedding collection. Something that is affordable to every bridal couple yet at the same time, gives them a unique piece of art from their wedding day. As with all my wedding products, the new piece will be hand manufactured in Italy. I will have the new album and package at the upcoming bridal wedding expo, so if you’re going to be there on the day, make sure you pop over and have a look. What makes this album so unique? Well, wedding photography (for 95% of photographers that are around at the moment) follows a formula. After the service, you quickly dash to as many locations in and around Geelong as you possibly can to get as many photographs as possible and quickly dash back to the reception….there’s a lot of rushing around. Do you really want to remember your wedding for all the rushing around? Or would you rather remember it for the art work that hangs on your walls for years to come? I know which I’d rather have. The new album is a game changer and takes the focus off the rushing around and puts the emphasis on the art. Of course, this is just one of four personally designed packages that I have available and you really need to see which is best suited for your wedding day.  So, if you’re planning a wedding and you want to find out more, Contact the studio to organise a chat. As this product is exclusive to Photography by Riccardo, it will be available to persons visiting the studio only. Below are a few images from recent weddings.




Wedding photographer Geelong.jpgWedding photography Geelong.jpgGeelong wedding photographer.jpgWedding photographers Geelong.jpg






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