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Wet Weather Weddings

I often hear photographers whinging about wet weather. “the rain spoilt the couples wedding photos” Really? Truth of the matter is that regardless of the weather, amazing wedding photos can be captured any time. The wedding I photographed on Saturday is proof. Storms were predicted for Saturday, but according to the weather forecast, they wouldn’t occur until later in the day. Just as the bride was ready to go and meet her groom, we received a small shower. We waited about ten minutes and it seemed to clear, so on with the show we went. We were at the beautiful Wyndam resort in Torquay (about a 15 minute drive from Geelong) and just as the Bride and Groom started exchanging vows, the heavens opened up. Not just a shower, but as you can see from the photo, some fairly serious rain! They both took it in their stride, nothing was going to stop the most important part of the day. It’s a wedding service that no one will ever forget! But there is a silver lining to every cloud and shortly after the service, we headed into Geelong. I’ll write more about this wedding in a later post, but have a look at the second photograph that I’ve posted below. The weather Gods looked down at us and gave us this spectacular sight to work with. We kind of forgave them for the earlier downpour and ended up with some amazing wedding photography that this couple will treasure forever.





Riccardo Geelong Wedding Photographer

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