What my brides are saying.

It’s always a nice thing when a bride and groom thank you for the work that you’ve put into their wedding day. So many people need to come together all at the same time to make a wedding day happen, but it’s usually just the photographer (and sometimes videographer) which spend most of the day with the bride and groom. So you tend to become friends with them as you’ve shared a fair amount of time on a very special day in their lives. So when you receive a thank you note like the following, you realise how much it means to them. This came from a couple who I was lucky enough to work with in February this year. A really hot day mind you..just thought I’d throw that in!

“We just wanted to thank you for your hard work and effort in photographing our wedding. You were amazing the whole way through our wedding planing.

At the very beginning of organising our budget for our wedding, my husband and I sat down and agreed that we couldn’t put a budget on a photographer. The reason being was we both agreed that you couldn’t put a price on making sure our wedding day was captured perfectly. We had heard too many horror stories. Including the most important person in a brides life missed out on having a professional photo on the day, due to the photographer being unorganised and inexperienced.

Me being new to Geelong I relied on word of mouth. When I asked around your name Riccardo popped up many many times and I am truly grateful that.

Riccardo, you were professional, fun and really listened to what we wanted in our photos. Best of all you delivered. We felt comfortable that you had it under control and that’s exactly what you did.

Brides to be, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a fantastic photographer to photograph the biggest day of your life. Our advise, don’t sell yourself short on something like this. After all it’s true what they say, your big day goes so quickly and your professional photos are the one thing that you will look back on, show your family/kids and display in your home, for the rest of your life.” Maz & Andrew


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