Why using a Professional Photographer can change your life.

I was recently at a Bridal expo here in Geelong and got talking to a bride. During the conversation, she asked me if during the day, I’d mind photographing her with her Mum and Dad. I thought it was a bit of a strange question, I mean, isn’t that a given that I would photograph her with her parents? This particular bride had been a bridesmaid in another wedding and the couple had decided to use a friend who “did weddings on the weekend”. During the day, the brides mother had asked that she be photographed with her daughter only to be told¬† “that’s not something that I normally do” by the particular photographer. So the brides mum missed out on having a photo with her daughter on their special day.¬† This actually got me thinking about a couple whose wedding I photographed mid last year. The bride recently lost her mum to cancer and they contacted me to ask if I could supply a few images from the wedding to be used during the slide show at the funeral because her mum “had a wonderful day that day”. Imagine if I hadn’t taken those photos. This couple’s album and their photos have now become priceless. I always tell my couples this, after the wedding your food will be forgotten, the bridal gown will be packed away never to be worn again and you may not ever sit in a limo again, but you will always have your wedding album to bring back those memories. At some point in your life though, that album will become priceless.

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