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Styled vintage wedding Geelong

I was fortunate enough to be part of a styled vintage bridal shoot in Geelong recently. This is a bit different to a wedding day in that the hair and make up stylists are on hand as is the dress supplier and the florist. Normally on a wedding day, it’s usually just myself and the videographer. Now I know what most of you are thinking, not another vintage wedding. I know, I know, that’s the trend at the moment..that and cutting off the couples heads (really??), which believe me, you will never see one of this photos here on this blog..ever!! Our vintage shoot was a little different though because even though that was the feel that we all set out to achieve, I was allowed to do whatever I liked. Now that’s the sort of shoot I like!! So basically I could put my own spin on the shoot. Perfect!! So I could photograph with vintage in mind, but add my own touch of Hollywood #glamour to the photos.  The location was  chosen, very carefully mind you, and we headed down to Oakdene. For those of you that don’t know where this is, it’s in Wallington, about 20 minutes out of Geelong.  There were so many spots to choose from where I could set up, I think I could’ve spent the whole weekend photographing different looks there!! The flowers were designed by Shelley from Beachside Blooms. They fitted the look perfectly we were after perfectly. Any wonder Shelley and her team have won the Australian Bridal Industry awards multiple times over the last few years.   The dresses were supplied by the girls at Embrace Bridal Boutique. Have you popped in and had a look at their range of bridal gowns?? Stunning…that’s all that really needs to be said.  It was great to work with such talented people. Hair and make up was done by the girls at Ivy Creations hair on Harbour and finally, what would a wedding shoot be like if I wasn’t working with my good friend Mio from Video Vault. After having worked alongside Mio for many years at weddings, I know the shot he needs and he knows that it’s usually best to keep out of my way on a wedding day, so we work perfectly together!! haha..only joking Mio!! You can see some of Mio’s wedding video’s on his Facebook page. So below are a few images from our shoot. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them. More images will follow along with Mio’s video of the days shoot.



wedding photography geelong_001.jpg




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Wedding photography by Riccardo

March is generally the busiest month in Geelong for wedding photography, and this year has been no different. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to photograph in some stunning locations this year. Everywhere from beautiful beaches to mansions. And I can honestly say,  myself and the bridal parties had an absolute awesome time in the process! One of my favourite things as a photographer is when I get to create a piece of art for my couples, something that they will treasure for years to come. Going with this philosophy, I have introduced a new package into my wedding collection. Something that is affordable to every bridal couple yet at the same time, gives them a unique piece of art from their wedding day. As with all my wedding products, the new piece will be hand manufactured in Italy. I will have the new album and package at the upcoming bridal wedding expo, so if you’re going to be there on the day, make sure you pop over and have a look. What makes this album so unique? Well, wedding photography (for 95% of photographers that are around at the moment) follows a formula. After the service, you quickly dash to as many locations in and around Geelong as you possibly can to get as many photographs as possible and quickly dash back to the reception….there’s a lot of rushing around. Do you really want to remember your wedding for all the rushing around? Or would you rather remember it for the art work that hangs on your walls for years to come? I know which I’d rather have. The new album is a game changer and takes the focus off the rushing around and puts the emphasis on the art. Of course, this is just one of four personally designed packages that I have available and you really need to see which is best suited for your wedding day.  So, if you’re planning a wedding and you want to find out more, Contact the studio to organise a chat. As this product is exclusive to Photography by Riccardo, it will be available to persons visiting the studio only. Below are a few images from recent weddings.




Wedding photographer Geelong.jpgWedding photography Geelong.jpgGeelong wedding photographer.jpgWedding photographers Geelong.jpg






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Geelong photographer-Rebecca & Tim’s wedding

When people think wedding photography in Geelong, they automatically think of the waterfront. Truth is, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with stunning locations in and around the town. Rebecca and Tim’s wedding took place just out of Geelong in Little River, and what a stunning location they chose! The spot had everything, beautiful open landscapes, a home that was just stunning for their wedding portraits and a bridal party that just wanted to have fun. At the end of the day, we all had a ball and, as this short video of their wedding album shows you, we ended up with some amazing photography that they will now treasure for the rest of their lives. Rebecca and Tim now have a gorgeous little girl who I have been fortunate enough to also photograph. I can only imagine what Matilda will one day say when she see’s her mummy and daddy’s wedding album!!


You can contact me Here.


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Angela & Robert’s wedding day

There are some weddings where it doesn’t matter what happens, you just can’t wipe the smile off the brides face, and this was one of those weddings. From memory, I think the top temperature that day hit about 42 degrees, but I didn’t hear anyone complain. Everyone in the bridal party was having too much fun, after all, isn’t that what weddings are all about? Following is Angela and Robert’s wedding day as told by Angela.

Briefly tell us a bit about your wedding day
It was a hot day on our wedding day. We got married at St Mary of the Angels Basilica (Geelong) and reception was at Capri receptions. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face I was on such a high knowing that I was getting ready to go and marry the love of my life.
What was your favourite part of the day?
Our  favourite part was when we did photos. I normally hate having photos taken of me but Riccardo made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and made it fun.
We had a ball.
Why was it important to you to select a professional photographer for your wedding day?
It was important because pictures tell a thousand stories they are always looked at and it  brings back memories of our special day  and Riccardo is such a talented photographer he captures all the special moments.
How did you select Photography by Riccardo to record your wedding ?
I knew Riccardo was the best in town by word of mouth.
When I went to book the reception I saw a photo on their wall. It was of a bride and groom and Riccardo had taken the shot, I absolutely  loved it and that just
Made me want Riccardo to do our photos so I rang him that day and meet in his studio that week and booked him I was so happy that we had him booked, my husband was too.
What advice have you got for bride and grooms to be ?
Don’t worry about any little things that might go wrong it all comes together in the end.just focus on the fact that you are marrying your soul mate,women/ man of your dreams.
Tell your readers how you felt when you first saw your wedding photos?
We were  blown away,  they were absolutely amazing we thought Wow  and looking at the album brought us back to our wedding day. All we can say is amazing thank you so much Riccardo for your hard and amazing work .
We highly recommend you:)
You can contact me Here
The wedding of Angela and Robert in Geelong. Photographed by Photography by Riccardo

The wedding of Angela and Robert in Geelong. Photographed by Photography by Riccardo


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Stefanie & Andrew

I had a particular look in mind even before I started photographing Stefanie and Andrew’s wedding. I had seen a particular spot that I’d wanted to use, but I wanted the right sort of day weather wise before I could use it! I’m sure that from Stefanie’s answers below, you’ll get the feeling that they had a heap of fun on their wedding, which is perfect because that’s the thing that I aim for at every wedding…a fun wedding day means lots of smile in the photos and it makes my job of capturing that fun a whole lot easier. I hope you enjoy reading all about Stefanie and Andrew’s special day.

Special thanks to Rob from Living Memories Video for putting up with me dragging him all over Geelong!!


Briefly tell us a bit about your wedding.

It was a beautiful day, perfect weather and everything went according to plan we were married at St Mary’s Basilica in Geelong then reception followed at Luxor in Taylors lakes.. you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces all day.. One of the reasons I (Stef) was smiling was cause I knew deep down that I was having my wedding captured by Riccardo and I knew that he would make sure I could relive my wedding day every time I looked at my album…

Why was it important to you to select a professional Photographer for your wedding?

It was important as we wanted to know that every candid moment was photographed with professionalism and encapsulated our love in a unique and special way!

Can you tell us something your guests don’t know about the day?

Our guests didn’t know that we had organized for a big balloon filled with glitter and mini balloons to go off after our surprise bridal party coreographed dance but the button was pushed early for it to explode after our first dance… we thought dry ice and fireworks were enough but then the balloon went off and we knew there was no end wow factor for our bridal party dance… but all was fine no one noticed haha!

How did you select Photography by Riccardo to be your wedding photographer?

Word of mouth and experiencing Riccardo’s professionalism first hand at other weddings, his work blows me away! He’s so much fun

What advice have you got for Brides and Grooms to be?

Photographer and videographer are to be of a very high standard.. you get what you pay for, it doesn’t hurt for them to get along also, if they have worked together before, you will always guarantee that things will run very smoothly and they will get the best result for you!

And finally, tell our readers how you felt when you first saw your wedding photos.

When we first saw our photos, I cried… we were so overwhelmed by the moments captured and the quality!! Riccardo was my dream photographer! He was the first thing I booked for my wedding and I am more than pleased with his extremely exceptional work and such attention to detail… He is also very affordable for what he provides for you…I can’t thank him enough!!! Professionalism A+++


You can contact me Here

Geelong Wedding Photographer Riccardo.jpg


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