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Fathers Day Portraits

As promised in my earlier blog post, here is my fathers day portrait promotion. Normally, my promotions include extras that are added to each package. But this year, I’m doing things a little different. To take advantage of this promotion, you must book prior to the 6th of September. Every person that books prior to Fathers day will receive a $100 Gift Certificate to put towards any portrait products that I have available. You can upgrade your package, add extra prints or, as one family did this morning, have the Gift Certificate made out to a friend so that their friend can come in and experience a portrait session. I leave that totally up to you. I know a few of my regular clients have used this opportunity to book and then use the portraits as gifts for the grandparents. A lot of people tend to forget the grandparents and tend to give them gifts that never get used. I remember having a grandparent come in months ago wanting to look at their daughters family portrait session so they could order their own portraits!! (so keep that in mind!) So, how does the promotion work? Simply contact the studio, either by email or telephone, and book a session. Sessions are limited!! I like to personalise my portrait sessions, and this can’t be done if I have three or more in one day. In order to keep the session unique to your family, a maximum of two session times are available each day.  Generally, once I know the age and in some cases sleep patterns of the children involved, a time is then set. With the weather the way it is, if we are photographing a newborn baby, I would suggest we photograph in my  studio but, if the children are a bit older, you generally have the option to either have the session in the studio or at any location in and around Geelong. I have a list of popular locations so it’s just a matter of us organising a time and spot for it to be done.  If you are wanting the portraits back before fathers day, then book in a time as soon as possible so I can guarantee the portraits will be back on time. As with all my portraits now, as an added bonus, you automatically receive a lifetime warranty on all wall portraits.

You can contact or book your session by clicking Here



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New for 2014

I would absolutely LOVE to tell you all right now what I’m working on, but I’m keeping it very close to my chest at the moment, at least until it’s perfected anyway! Should I give you a clue? Ok, it involves portraits and to be a bit more specific, baby and children’s portraits. I really have my wife to thank for this idea though so I can’t really take all the credit myself. We were having a discussion last night about something that happened at work. She said something and I had a light bulb moment. The best thing about it is that it’ll be timeless and yet still very much affordable. I wasn’t going to post anything about it yet, but it is exiting so I just had to write something on here about it! To the best of my knowledge, this particular product isn’t available to this degree in Geelong, which makes it even more exiting! Stay tuned and if you or one of your friends is looking for some very different portraiture, then don’t forget to either keep an eye on my blog or like my Facebook page.




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