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Fathers Day Offer

Only two weeks to go before Fathers Day!! What will we get dad that he doesn’t already have? (Or doesn’t really need!!) Well, here’s something that he needs and, because it’s my first Fathers Day, here’s an offer that doesn’t happen very often. Anyone purchasing a Gift Certificate between now and the 6th of September 2015 will automatically double their voucher value! So for instance, if you purchase a $50 certificate, the value will actually be $100 for you to spend. Purchase a $100 voucher, and the value will actually be $200.  How many businesses give you that sort of value huh??  This offer is strictly only available until Fathers Day though, so get in contact with the studio Here to organise your Gift Certificate.

Dad’s just love a nice portrait with their child. Photography sessions can be done in our Geelong studio or on location. With Spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get out and have your portraits done in one of the many beautiful spots in and around Geelong. And remember, Dad’s aren’t the only one’s who benefit from this offer because not only is a family portrait is something that lasts a lifetime and is enjoyed by the whole family, it also becomes an heirloom once your babies grow up and the grandkids come along!!

To purchase a Gift Certificate, you can contact the studio Here or simply by phoning 52 77 2221.


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Geelong photographer Gift Voucher

Here’s a Gift Voucher that’s real value for money! There is under a week  left until Christmas! I’m not even going to attempt to go into the Geelong city centre, I imagine it’ll be chaos in there! So if you’d rather give the crowds a miss, but still want to pick up something personal and with value for money, then this is probably the thing for you. With every portrait Gift Voucher over $50 that is purchased between today and the 24th of December 2014, an extra $50 will be credited towards the voucher! So in other words, if you come in and purchase a $50 voucher, the value of the voucher will actually be $100. How many places do that?? No catches, no if’s or buts, you just get a bonus $50 added. The vouchers can be used for family portraits, newborn portraits, location portraits, glamour portraits and even the fairy portraits! But the offer strictly ends on the 24th of December 2014! Contact the studio HERE to get your voucher.


This offer has ended for the time being, but contact the studio Here to be placed on our newsletter for regular promotions

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