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Fathers Day Offer

Only two weeks to go before Fathers Day!! What will we get dad that he doesn’t already have? (Or doesn’t really need!!) Well, here’s something that he needs and, because it’s my first Fathers Day, here’s an offer that doesn’t happen very often. Anyone purchasing a Gift Certificate between now and the 6th of September 2015 will automatically double their voucher value! So for instance, if you purchase a $50 certificate, the value will actually be $100 for you to spend. Purchase a $100 voucher, and the value will actually be $200.  How many businesses give you that sort of value huh??  This offer is strictly only available until Fathers Day though, so get in contact with the studio Here to organise your Gift Certificate.

Dad’s just love a nice portrait with their child. Photography sessions can be done in our Geelong studio or on location. With Spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get out and have your portraits done in one of the many beautiful spots in and around Geelong. And remember, Dad’s aren’t the only one’s who benefit from this offer because not only is a family portrait is something that lasts a lifetime and is enjoyed by the whole family, it also becomes an heirloom once your babies grow up and the grandkids come along!!

To purchase a Gift Certificate, you can contact the studio Here or simply by phoning 52 77 2221.


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Fathers Day Portraits

As promised in my earlier blog post, here is my fathers day portrait promotion. Normally, my promotions include extras that are added to each package. But this year, I’m doing things a little different. To take advantage of this promotion, you must book prior to the 6th of September. Every person that books prior to Fathers day will receive a $100 Gift Certificate to put towards any portrait products that I have available. You can upgrade your package, add extra prints or, as one family did this morning, have the Gift Certificate made out to a friend so that their friend can come in and experience a portrait session. I leave that totally up to you. I know a few of my regular clients have used this opportunity to book and then use the portraits as gifts for the grandparents. A lot of people tend to forget the grandparents and tend to give them gifts that never get used. I remember having a grandparent come in months ago wanting to look at their daughters family portrait session so they could order their own portraits!! (so keep that in mind!) So, how does the promotion work? Simply contact the studio, either by email or telephone, and book a session. Sessions are limited!! I like to personalise my portrait sessions, and this can’t be done if I have three or more in one day. In order to keep the session unique to your family, a maximum of two session times are available each day.  Generally, once I know the age and in some cases sleep patterns of the children involved, a time is then set. With the weather the way it is, if we are photographing a newborn baby, I would suggest we photograph in my  studio but, if the children are a bit older, you generally have the option to either have the session in the studio or at any location in and around Geelong. I have a list of popular locations so it’s just a matter of us organising a time and spot for it to be done.  If you are wanting the portraits back before fathers day, then book in a time as soon as possible so I can guarantee the portraits will be back on time. As with all my portraits now, as an added bonus, you automatically receive a lifetime warranty on all wall portraits.

You can contact or book your session by clicking Here



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Fathers Day 2015

As some of you may already know, this will be my first fathers day. Secretly, I’ve been looking forward to this day since the day my daughter was born to be honest! Having a child and seeing how quickly they grow and change has certainly re-enforced the importance of having a professional portrait taken. Over the years, I’ve had a few clients who made a point of coming in and updating their family portrait. We don’t see ourselves changing from year to year, but when you stop and look back at photographs, you soon see that we do change. So all of a sudden, updating the family portrait doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all. But I don’t look at it as updating the portrait. To me, having your portrait taken is more like capturing a moment in time. Freezing the present so to speak. Think of it like this. How many of us have one family portrait that was taken when you were in primary school? (I can almost see you smirking as you read that) Problem is, our parents did that just once and never had it done again. So between the age of about seven and when you then go and have another one done with your own children and family, there is no professional portrait of yourself. The people who have been coming in every year and capturing a new moment and time in their lives in effect are recording their history. Now we all have bills…do they ever stop?? So we spend money on “essential” items, like a phone bill for instance and we tend to forget the important things in our lives, which is how fast our family is growing up! Hmmm…starting to sound a bit familiar isn’t it? So,  back to why I started writing this blog. Fathers day is just around the corner and this year, being that it’s my first one, I’m going to celebrate it by having my first ever Fathers Day promotion. The promotion is being launched in the next few days, so keep an eye out on here and on my Facebook page to see all the details. Remember you can always sign up for my newsletter Here and be the first to know when any specials are coming up.

You can contact me Here



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Geelong photography Fathers Day

Did someone say fathers day?? Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas the other day! Obviously not. Before you know it, Spring will be here and we’ll start seeing all the Christmas specials in all the shop windows. But, before all that happens, we have fathers day. This year, there will be a limited time special on Fathers day portraits.  $25 is all it will cost to have your family portrait taken and that also includes a designed 8×10″ print as part of your final order. Normally you’d expect to pay just over $200 for all this, but until the 3oth of August, you can book in for just $25. There are a limited number of spots available so to secure your spot, give the studio a call on 52 77 2221. Because of the limited numbers, the $25 needs to be paid when booking. Need to see more before deciding? Click HERE to see some of the most beautiful portraits in Geelong.


This offer has now ended, but contact the studio Here to go on the newsletter for regular promotions.

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