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Geelong glamour photography

I’ve been working on a new style of Glamour photography for a few months now. Something that pushes the boundaries a little and is totally different to what I’m seeing a lot of at the moment, which is basically a rehashed version of glamour in the eighties! Unlike other glamour photography, which you may have seen, the style I have created is more like an art portrait of yourself. It’s something that is truly unique in Geelong and, more importantly, more unique to you as every piece is a one off. How do I do that? A special planning session is organised prior to your sitting where we sit down and work out your style. This is probably the most important part of the session as you tell me what you’d like and I convert it to a fine art. Your only limit is your imagination! Some women though aren’t exactly sure what they want, and that is why our planning session is so important. Everything from what you’ll wear to how it will all happen will be planned out. On the day of the shoot, you’re encouraged to bring a friend and have some fun. I’ve found that because of the planning, most women settle into the session quite quickly and any butterflies they may have quickly disappear. The session itself takes approximately forty five minutes. Photography by Riccardo can also organise your make up and hair for you, or you may choose to do that yourself. For more information and pricing, please feel free to Contact he studio.



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