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Geelong Newborn Portraits

One of the most amazing things I’ve been lucky enough to photograph this year are newborn portraits. Photographing a child that’s just a few days old and seeing the love that the new parents have for the child is definitely one of those experiences that stays with you forever. Ultimately I also get to see the child grow from a newborn to a toddler. Knowing that my portraits will grace the walls of my clients for many years is one of the most fulfilling things that a professional photographer can experience. Having been a photographer in Geelong for many years now, occasionally you also see those newborns out and about with their parents as primary school students!! Where does the time go? Here I want to share with you an image from a portrait session I photographed not long ago. Little Isla was only three days old when this was taken, so a new experience has begun in seeing her grow. I have not long introduced a new product into my range. Something that’s fairly unique to each family because it can be stylised to suit their own taste. As you may know, all of my Art Books are hand made in Italy, so I wanted a product that would give people something more than a wall portrait. I now have available my new Baby Book. It can be designed from one portrait session or, as a few of my clients have chosen to do, design it over the course of multiple sessions. It’s a bit difficult to grasp the concept of the Baby Book, so you are more than welcome to visit the studio and have a look for yourself. You can also register your details Here to receive an invitation to the new product launch coming soon.



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