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Bring back the family photo album

Do you ever take a photo of your child and wonder whether one day he or she will look back at that photo and relive their past? How do you think they’ll view that photo?  Will they have to flip through your old computer, your phone, or maybe an old hard drive, to do it? Have you backed that photo up somewhere where it will stand the test of time and survive a crash on your system if something like that should happen? Or do you have a family album where all your family’s history is recorded? 

When I was younger,  one of my favourite pastimes was to check out my parents  albums from when they were younger. It kind of put a jigsaw together for me of when my Dad immigrated to Australia, the ship he came over in, where my parents lived in Geelong West. Their wedding album, albeit in just black and white, was just fascinating. It showed me relatives I’d never met, some of which had long gone, and places I’d never been to. 

I looked through those albums so many times but I was always fascinated, and never tired of the photographs. My mother would patiently explain to me who the people in those photographs were and my relationship to them. Those photographs were, and still are, the fibre of our family’s history. 

As I got older, our own photos were added to those albums. My brother and I growing up, our birthday parties, first day of school…and eventually the last day of school. My mother kept adding photos to the albums as the copies grew. I even remember that on at least three special occasions, my mother organised for us to visit a professional photographer to do our family portraits (and before you ask, yes I am friends with that photographer to this day) so we could display some on our walls.    

Like most children, I hated having my photo taken. But we stood there and smiled and when the photos came back from the lab (at least a week later!!) we’d quickly open the packet and flick through all the photos. We’d have a laugh at the person who’d blinked because they were the one that ruined the photo, and then slip the photos into an album ready to be viewed at a later date. 

When digital cameras (and eventually smart phones) came along, all our prayers were answered! We could finally take thousands of photos, see them right away and delete the blinks all at zero cost!!  Plus, we could store them on floppy disks that took up less room and they’d be there forever. Well the floppy disk was quickly made obsolete and CD’s and DVD’s took over. CD’s are now on the way out by the way, but anyway, who needs those, our phones now have 128 gig of space in them!! Why would we need to store things on CD anyway? Oh wait, the CD has gone, we’re now storing them on Hard Drives…who needs those anyway, I have 128 gig remember!! AND I have them right in my pocket all the time and they will be there forever, won’t they?

The family album, which I so vividly remember flicking through the pages in our Geelong West home,  is in danger of extinction, if not already lost to time. I keep telling myself that I need to print some of my digital pictures and make an album but I never get around to it and, because there are now thousands of digital files, the task becomes more daunting by the day. 

Printing them isn’t something that needs to get done just for me but for my daughter who, if she’s anything like me, will be amazed by looking at actual photos of myself and my wife when we were young and of her grandparents, aunts and uncles. A digital file can’t be kept in an album and many files will unfortunately disappear as technology makes previous storage media redundant.  In the ever-evolving digital age, old printed photos of our ancestors or relatives have become a prized treasure in the lives of young people as they piece together their own jigsaw of life. 

Photographs tell us where we came from and help give many a sense of importance. 

Geelong portrait and child photography by Riccardo Studio


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A Summer Family Portrait – dress correctly!

It’s hot outside, but fear not, a Summer family portrait can be fun and give you many years of enjoyment if you dress correctly. Here are some cool wardrobe tips to make sure your summer family photo session is a hit and will guarantee that your family portrait won’t look dated in just a few years. 

  • Wear light fabrics that let you breath, but still look polished. It’s OK to show some skin, too. Shorts are good, as are tank tops, but like any family portrait session, avoid clothes that have writing or patterns on them. Plain is best! Oh and don’t forget to colour coordinate. Choose one colour and make sure that the whole family dresses in a similar tone. So if for example you decide that white is the way to go, you can wear light blues, pale pinks etc. But don’t have one person in white, one in black, one in red…it just doesn’t work and will ruin your family portrait. 
  • Really play up the summer accessory factor. I’m talking sun hats for the ladies and big sunglasses for all. Bring your sun umbrella and bathers for something unique. It goes without saying too to bring a towel as things can sometimes get a bit out of hand with the splashing. 
  • You can even bring summer-appropriate props that complement your outfits. Maybe it’s a beach ball, balloons or a giant lollipop. For some extra fun, why don’t we get ice creams? It may get messy but there’s a good chance you’ll end up with some funny photos that you’ll look back on and always have a laugh over. 
  • Choose shoes that are comfortable and summery. Thongs, loafers, open-toed pumps, even Crocs are ok on your kids….do you even need shoes at all? We are in the sand after all!  

Having been a family portrait photographer in Geelong for almost 25 years, we are more than lucky to have some very beautiful beaches right at our doorstep. Why not use them to our advantage at this time of the year? 


To see more family portraits, please visit my website


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Photographing kids and animals

I keep getting told that I’m either brave or crazy for taking on a project that involves photographing kids and their dogs…but I love it! I had a half page story recently in the Geelong Advertiser, and this is what they had to say:

“The saying goes, never work with animals or children, but this Geelong Photographer missed the memo. “I’ve heard that joke from everyone who’s come in for a photo,” said Riccardo Gentiluomo, who is creating a book filled with pictures of children and their dogs. Mr Gentiluomo is hoping to capture 100 raw moments between youngsters and their furry friends for his Tails of Geelong book, which doubles as a fundraiser for the RSPCA. He is almost halfway there snapping pugs, huskies, staffies and French bulldogs playing with their humans, and wants at least fifty more signed up by next month. He said the trick to capturing the perfect moment was patience and perseverance. “They don’t know what you want, the dog doesn’t know what you want, so the best way is letting them play and catching the shot in between” he said.  “you can bribe kids to a certain extent, but with dogs if you give them a treat, all they want is another treat.” Mr Gentiluomo hopes he can raise about $5000 for the RSPCA through the $49 photography fee from each client, who will be immortalised in the book along with a cute fact about the pair. People can register on Mr Gentiluomo’s website ” 

I am still looking for kids with the dogs to try and reach the goal of 100 dogs and there is just one month to go, so click on the above link to register. I’ve been photographing German Shepherds, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Staffies, Bernese Mountain Dog, a Chihuahua and a couple of border collies…but there is room for more. So no matter what type of dog you have, you’re welcome to come in and have a portrait taken. I’ve also been asked by a few people if they can just bring their dog in as their kids aren’t kids anymore and the answer is yes. They obviously won’t be in the book because the title of the book is “Tails of Geelong, Kids and their Dogs” but there is no reason why we can’t do a special portrait of your fur baby. 

Here’s a related article on photographing newborns 


dogs, photography, Geelong photographer

Why I love photographing kids and their dogs



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Geelong Photographer wins Awards

Not everyone gets to photograph a wedding in a castle. But late last year, I was fortunate enough to be able to do just that. It was never going to be easy, I mean, just because I had a gorgeous bride with a beautiful dress and in a stunning location didn’t really mean it was going to be easy. I had hoped to visit the location prior to the wedding, but being that it was just before Christmas, there was no way I could be two places at once. So, with a bit of help from my old friend Mr. Google, I set about planning Giselle and Giovanni’s wedding day. Some of the photographs I saw of the location gave me ideas, others just confused the matter as there was photos where people had tagged my location, but in actual fact the photo had been taken elsewhere (nothing like keeping me on my toes huh). After a lovely service and some cafe photos at near an old prison, we made the trip across town to our location. Whilst I had a list of spots that I had planned to photograph the bride and groom, the main idea I had was the spiral staircase. So, after a few wedding portraits outside, we headed inside. Wow, that’s all I can say. This place is a dream for any photographer.  Whilst it doesn’t look like it from the photo, I actually had to go up 5 flights of stairs to get to the top. It was so high up that in order to get the brides face in the photo, she had to hold her head back as far as she could and hold the pose for a couple of minutes. Everything was checked and fixed before I got her to tilt her head back..the dress, the hands, the expression on her face and even the spot where her groom was going to kiss her. So up I went. I was that high up that I couldn’t really see the expression on her face. So I had to take a few photos, just to make sure I had one that was perfect. I knew as soon as I posed the couple that I was on to something, but it wasn’t until a few days later when I was able to sit down and play with the image in photoshop that it came to life. So much so that I had to enter it into the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) awards in the United Kingdom. Now to be 100% honest, I entered the image and was looking forward to seeing the result, but I kind of forgot about it as I was busy with other things. So imagine my surprise when I saw on the SWPP Facebook page that it had not only won a Gold Award, but it also won the Judges Choice Award for the best image. There were one thousand entries, only 27 Gold’s awarded and only one Judges Choice!! Then, just to add some icing on the cake, the same image was also awarded a Silver at the Victorian Awards for the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. Hat trick completed. Not a bad effort for a small Geelong based studio if I do say so myself. First Geelong photographer to have ever won a Gold and Judges Choice Award at the SWPP and one of only a select few Australians to have ever won this as well. One month on and I’m still smiling! America, you’re out!!



You can contact me Here

Riccardo 224.jpg


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Christmas 2014 package pre-release

There’s always something magical in Geelong at Christmas time and this year is certainly no different. I have already had quite a few enquiries regarding Christmas family portrait packages. As with all my specials, there is only a limited quantity available. I pride my work on being available as a “Quality rather than quantity” product. So, this Christmas, there will only be thirty spots available. Four have already been taken prior to the release so I have decided to release ten more spots as a pre-release.

The portraits can be a family portrait, couple portrait, newborn or baby portrait or even a glamour portrait. Have you had a look at my fairy portrait collection?   As an added bonus this year, one lucky person will win a 16 x 24″  wall portrait to add to their order valued at $600.

Have your memories captured forever by Geelong’s most awarded portrait and wedding photographer.

Pre-release sessions will be available until the 21st of October or until all taken. Please contact Photography by Riccardo  by email to reserve your spot. Gift vouchers will also be available.

Christmas 2014 Specials-pre release.jpg


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What my brides are saying.

It’s always a nice thing when a bride and groom thank you for the work that you’ve put into their wedding day. So many people need to come together all at the same time to make a wedding day happen, but it’s usually just the photographer (and sometimes videographer) which spend most of the day with the bride and groom. So you tend to become friends with them as you’ve shared a fair amount of time on a very special day in their lives. So when you receive a thank you note like the following, you realise how much it means to them. This came from a couple who I was lucky enough to work with in February this year. A really hot day mind you..just thought I’d throw that in!

“We just wanted to thank you for your hard work and effort in photographing our wedding. You were amazing the whole way through our wedding planing.

At the very beginning of organising our budget for our wedding, my husband and I sat down and agreed that we couldn’t put a budget on a photographer. The reason being was we both agreed that you couldn’t put a price on making sure our wedding day was captured perfectly. We had heard too many horror stories. Including the most important person in a brides life missed out on having a professional photo on the day, due to the photographer being unorganised and inexperienced.

Me being new to Geelong I relied on word of mouth. When I asked around your name Riccardo popped up many many times and I am truly grateful that.

Riccardo, you were professional, fun and really listened to what we wanted in our photos. Best of all you delivered. We felt comfortable that you had it under control and that’s exactly what you did.

Brides to be, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a fantastic photographer to photograph the biggest day of your life. Our advise, don’t sell yourself short on something like this. After all it’s true what they say, your big day goes so quickly and your professional photos are the one thing that you will look back on, show your family/kids and display in your home, for the rest of your life.” Maz & Andrew


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Christmas 2013

I was sitting at home last night and looking through a World Vision catalogue. All the little kids had such huge smiles on their faces and looked so happy, even though they have little or nothing. So I started thinking what  could  a photographer in Geelong do to help someone on the other side of the World? Every Christmas I run some sort of portrait promotion but this year I thought I’d try and make a difference to their lives. $10 from every Gift Voucher sold between the 1st and 24th of December will be donated to World Vision. Ideally, I would LOVE to raise the $1425 needed for clean running water. Depending on how much support I receive, I may even continue this until the $1425 is raised.  The final tally and receipt that World Vision send will be posted here for all that helped to see.


Riccardo World Vision


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