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Christmas 2013

Did someone say Christmas? But it’s only September!! Well we all know how busy Geelong city gets in the months leading up to Christmas, so what if you could get your hands on a freebie Gift Voucher that you can either use for yourself or to give away to someone and avoid those shops? Sounds like a brilliant idea huh?? Well this is all you need to do: Once you’ve hit Like on my Facebook page, click on the ‘Specials Newsletter’ icon and fill in the details…that’s it. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks. To give you a bit of  hint, there will be a voucher for different types of photography. So they won’t be just about baby portraits this year. Want to know more, just click Here and fill in the entry form.


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Something arty

If there’s one thing that I enjoy the most about photography is being able to just play and experiment. Digital technology has made it easy for anyone to be able to pick up a camera and take a decent photo. Only yesterday I was reading an article that asked why anyone would bother having a family portrait taken with a professional photographer when they could do it themselves these days.  The article actually even said that a “decent family portrait can be taken with your phone these days”. Really?? I must be missing something here because whenever I take a snap with my iPhone, I’m always disappointed with the quality. It always looks great on the screen, but have you ever tried printing a decent sized photo out of it?  So really, cameras are no different to what they were 20 years ago. Back then we had film and waited a couple of days to get our prints back, now we see it in an instant but essentially, all the camera does is record what we point it at. So, to get back on track, being able to experiment, not with the camera or photoshop, but with light, that’s where real photographers excel. Here’s a favourite image of mine. Simple, artistic and beautiful. Child photography, but with a sense of timeless art. This is what my clients love. Something that they can hang on their walls, not in their phones. I have been working on something that’s a little different and will be offering clients select art pieces shortly. These will be photographed exclusively in my studio or in select locations in and around Geelong. You can always see more wedding photos on my Facebook page, just click Here.

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