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Newborn photography Geelong

This is one of my most favourite things to photograph, a newborn child in their fathers arms. I don’t think that first time parents realise how quickly children grow and change. I often get asked when the best time to photograph a newborn baby after birth is and I always give the parents this guideline, if you want the real newborn baby look, then try and get it within the first five days and certainly no later than two weeks after the birth. With some new mums now staying in hospital for the first five days, the best advice I can give you is to contact the studio at least two weeks prior to your due date so we can make arrangements for me to visit the hospital. There is so much happening in the days after the birth, that many parents that I talk to afterwards say that they would’ve loved to have had a photograph of their child, but simply forgot.  Photography by Riccardo is happy to schedule a hospital visit for you, so those first few days in your new babys life aren’t missed.  Plus, as an added bonus, newborn hospital visits at either the Geelong hospital or St. John of God hospital are free. You can also register yourself or a friend at my new Baby Club page on Facebook. Baby club allows you to send a gift certificate to a friend who is expecting a baby as a gift from you to have their portraits taken. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a thing or the first $50 of the Gift Certificate! Simply fill in their details and we’ll send them a $50 gift certificate totally free, no catches or hidden costs. The certificate states that it is a gift from you and nowhere does it say that it’s a free service.  You can register yourself if you’re expecting as well and, if you have any questions, you can contact me Here. I have had people ask if they can send gift certificates of greater value and the answer is yes, you just need to contact the studio so that this can be arranged.


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Newborn hospital visits

I thought I’d share something a little different with everyone today. This image was taken only a few days after little Aiden was born in St. John of God Hospital, Geelong. This is always such a special time in a family’s life, when their newborn baby arrives into the world. Capturing the special moment is something that many people forget to do, purely for the simple reason that all of a sudden, there’s such a huge change to their life! If you are expecting a baby and would like to pre-organise a hospital visit to have these special moments captured, then please contact the studio a couple of weeks prior to your due date. The photography session usually lasts no longer than about 15 minutes to minimise disturbing the newborn. They will turn out to be the most precious 15 minutes of your life though once your newborns first days of life are recorded forever.


Geelong Photographer Riccardo 001


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