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Stefanie & Andrew

I had a particular look in mind even before I started photographing Stefanie and Andrew’s wedding. I had seen a particular spot that I’d wanted to use, but I wanted the right sort of day weather wise before I could use it! I’m sure that from Stefanie’s answers below, you’ll get the feeling that they had a heap of fun on their wedding, which is perfect because that’s the thing that I aim for at every wedding…a fun wedding day means lots of smile in the photos and it makes my job of capturing that fun a whole lot easier. I hope you enjoy reading all about Stefanie and Andrew’s special day.

Special thanks to Rob from Living Memories Video for putting up with me dragging him all over Geelong!!


Briefly tell us a bit about your wedding.

It was a beautiful day, perfect weather and everything went according to plan we were married at St Mary’s Basilica in Geelong then reception followed at Luxor in Taylors lakes.. you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces all day.. One of the reasons I (Stef) was smiling was cause I knew deep down that I was having my wedding captured by Riccardo and I knew that he would make sure I could relive my wedding day every time I looked at my album…

Why was it important to you to select a professional Photographer for your wedding?

It was important as we wanted to know that every candid moment was photographed with professionalism and encapsulated our love in a unique and special way!

Can you tell us something your guests don’t know about the day?

Our guests didn’t know that we had organized for a big balloon filled with glitter and mini balloons to go off after our surprise bridal party coreographed dance but the button was pushed early for it to explode after our first dance… we thought dry ice and fireworks were enough but then the balloon went off and we knew there was no end wow factor for our bridal party dance… but all was fine no one noticed haha!

How did you select Photography by Riccardo to be your wedding photographer?

Word of mouth and experiencing Riccardo’s professionalism first hand at other weddings, his work blows me away! He’s so much fun

What advice have you got for Brides and Grooms to be?

Photographer and videographer are to be of a very high standard.. you get what you pay for, it doesn’t hurt for them to get along also, if they have worked together before, you will always guarantee that things will run very smoothly and they will get the best result for you!

And finally, tell our readers how you felt when you first saw your wedding photos.

When we first saw our photos, I cried… we were so overwhelmed by the moments captured and the quality!! Riccardo was my dream photographer! He was the first thing I booked for my wedding and I am more than pleased with his extremely exceptional work and such attention to detail… He is also very affordable for what he provides for you…I can’t thank him enough!!! Professionalism A+++


You can contact me Here

Geelong Wedding Photographer Riccardo.jpg


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Nicholas & Fiona-Maree

1) Briefly tell us a bit about your wedding.  We had a very short engagement of fourteen weeks due to wanting a Saturday that fell on a 27th, since we were both born on a 27th and consider it our lucky number. So our special day was to be held on Saturday, October 27th 2012. We realise we could have held off until the following April or July (which both have Saturdays falling on the 27th), but being so in love, the thought of delaying was actually too painful for either of us to endure. So, with only fourteen weeks, the wedding plans commenced immediately. We were striving for an elegant and romantic theme with a vintage twist. We are both very proud of all we achieved during our brief engagement, and can’t believe how easily it all came together on the day. Of course, much of this is due to all the many wonderful businesses that played such important roles in creating our day with us. In their capable hands, we knew we could relax and enjoy our day, and this added so much joy to the day in itself.
Riccardo Geelong Wedding Photographers 005
2) What was your favourite part of the day?  
It’s difficult to isolate a favourite part of the day since our day was absolutely perfect in every way, and felt very much like a fairy tale. The weather was perfect, the bridal party gorgeous, the guests happy and full of compliments for every aspect of the day. We could not stop smiling all day long, and feel extremely blessed that we could celebrate the beginning of our lives together with so many of our loved ones, and in such elegance. The brides personal highlight was getting married in the magnificence of the recently restored chapel at Sacred Heart College in Geelong. I have always loved the chapel and feel so fortunate that I could marry Nicholas within such a Holy and sacred location. For the groom, the reception was a major highlight as the location of the Vue Grand in Queenscliff is not only historic but full of colour, charm and vibrancy.  Being able to relax and enjoy the company of all of your family and friends whilst knowing you have had your day cared for by the industries best is very reassuring.  
Geelong Wedding Photographers 003
3) Why was it important to you to select a professional Photographer for your wedding?  
The difference between a professional and an amateur are worlds apart.  To truly capture the magic of your day you want to secure the expertise of a professional who knows what they are doing, someone who has experience and the passion and drive that comes with being a professional.  We have all heard horror stories about wedding photos, choosing a professional will limit the chance of those horrors happening to you.
 Geelong Wedding Photographers 001 Geelong Wedding Photographers 002
5) How did you select Photography by Riccardo to record your wedding?
We looked at his website and believed he would be able to capture all the special moments of our day and present it beautifully, and we were not mistaken or in any way disappointed with our choice.
Geelong Wedding Photographers 008
6) What advice have you got for Brides and Grooms to be?
When your wedding day arrives, don’t waste precious time stressing. Relax, and trust that you have planned the day well, and Enjoy Every Moment!! Remember, your wedding day is the first day of your new life together, and you ought to look back upon that day with pride and the fondest of memories.
7) And finally, tell our readers how you felt when you first saw your wedding photos.
We were thrilled by the quality and beauty of the photos.  It soon became apparent that we would have quite the task of choosing our favourites for the album when so many were so fantastic.
Geelong Wedding Photographers 006


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Allyson & Greg’s Wedding

I was lucky enough recently to travel from Geelong to the beautiful Yarra Valley and Photograph Allyson and Greg’s wedding. Along with Killian from Video Story, we decided to ask our couple to tell us a little more about their wedding so we could share it with you. An insight into our industry from a bridal couples point of view. Here is their wedding story.


Describe your wedding to us…

 The mission for our wedding was to create a really fun day for everyone. To achieve this we had a mixture of traditional components incorporated with some unconventional elements! By getting our wedding photos done before the ceremony, we were able to get amazing photos from a variety of locations. A highlight for the day was certainly the boys turning up to the ceremony on Segways, along with our whacky wedding dance montage! The feedback from our guests was that it was the most fun wedding they had been to – mission accomplished! 🙂

Riccardo 006Riccardo 005

What was your favourite part of the day?

Getting our photos/video taken at various locations was awesome fun! We thoroughly enjoyed being directed by our Videographer, Killian from Video Story and Ric from Photography by Riccardo. Together they set up the perfect shots. Killian and Ric were super fun but still very professional! We arranged all the details with them and were chauffeured by limo to the chosen locations. Since they were so thorough and professional, it meant that we got to enjoy the time with each other and with our bridal party, whilst getting our ‘glamour shots’ done. Zero stress with maximum fun!

Any funny quotes from the day?

During Greg’s speech:

“So, on to my wife. I’m completely overwhelmed at how amazing she looks today, and I can’t believe just how privileged I am that she’s chosen me to be her wife.” Oops!

Riccardo 001

Why was it important to you to select a professional Photographer and Videographer for your wedding?

 We not only wanted our wedding day to be fun and memorable, but we wanted the quality of the photos and video of our special day to be something that we could pass down to our children and be happy to share with people. And since Killian and Riccardo were so experienced with capturing the perfect shots, they were able to direct us, which allowed us to relax and know that we were in great hands.

How did you select Riccardo as your photographer?

Killian recommended a few photographers with different styles.  Since we trusted Killian’s judgement, we checked out Ric’s website to have a look at his work – OMG Incredible!

So we decided to meet with Ric and had an instant connection – we could tell that Ric was our guy. He also had a great sense of humour, strong work ethic and incredible talent.

Riccardo 003

Can you tell us something your guests don’t know about the day?

 A power outage was scheduled in the Yarra Valley area on the morning of our wedding. Our accommodation was terrific and arranged a generator so that the girls could still get their hair done, despite the loss of power – talk about going above and beyond. We were very fortunate to be so well looked after so that our day wasn’t delayed or ruined.

Also, we were practicing our wedding dance in our room late the night before the big day and were trying to keep the volume down so nobody heard the music…or us jumping around like idiots!

So about the first dance…

Ok, so our first dance was a little different to most and was performed straight after we entered the reception. What started off as a relaxed slow dance, soon turned into a montage of short dance scenes – everything from Gangnam Style and Men in Black to Thriller and the Duck Dance! It set the ‘tone’ for the reception as being relaxed and fun which we feel made everyone “let down their hair” and enjoy the night…

We chose many songs that were easy to dance to (eg Grease Lightening) and a few that required a lot of practice (eg the German slap-dance scene from National Lampoons European Vacation). We had such fun practicing the routine at home weeks before the big day, and were so pleased that we pulled it off on the day. The best part is that it was all captured by Killian of Video Story so we can laugh at it for many years to come – thanks heaps!

Riccardo 004

How did you select Video Story to record your wedding?

 I used to work with Killian and knew that he was not only a fun-loving person with a terrific sense of humour, he was also a true professional with a great work ethic – especially working as a Videographer as a SECOND job – absolute dedication! I knew he would add a great element to our day with his extensive experience in wedding videography.

What advice have you got for Brides and Grooms to be?

 Brides – plan ahead and get things ready/booked sooner than later, as the time leading up to the big day flies by so quickly Allocate tasks to your family & bridal party to do on the wedding day, so there is not pressure on you to have to worry about anything – except having an awesome day! Select a great Photographer and Videographer as they are the ones who will capture the most special day of your life – money well spent! You won’t regret it 🙂

Grooms – support your Bride and remember to turn up on the day – that’s your job!

Our guests were very appreciative that we hired a mini bus to pick them up and drop them off from DeBortoli Yarra Valley Estate. They also thoroughly enjoyed the open photo booth (and the open bar, of course!) that we hired – we sent each guest one of their funny photo booth pics with our thank you cards 🙂

DeBortolis was amazing – very competitive pricing and fantastic people to deal with. Their gardens are phenomenal and was the perfect setting for our ceremony – highly recommended!

We strongly recommend Video Story and Photography by Riccardo to capture the most special day of your life. Killian does an amazing job with the video, breaking every section into chapters and providing an awesome ‘highlights’ video which is great for showing people who don’t want to sit through a few hours of footage – it’s great! And Ric’s albums speak for themselves – AMAZING! 🙂 We had a blast getting our pics done by Ric before the wedding as it made the day extremely fun and settled any nerves about the “I dos” – it was great to just feel happy and excited about it instead of nervous. So if you are willing to overlook the superstition, we would thoroughly recommend it.

Riccardo 002

Riccardo –  Geelong Photographer  –  Photography by Riccardo

Website: www.riccardo.com.au


Killian Mulcahy – Geelong Videographer – Video Story 
Website: www.videostory.net.au


Watch Allyson and Greg’s first dance HERE






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Photo of the day 2nd April

I’ve just been playing around with a new technique I’ve come up with. I actually took this photograph at Jennas wedding last month. When I saw the lighting that I had available, the new technique came to mind and, by the looks of the below photo, I think it worked. Amazingly enough, I saw another perfect photo for the new technique later that day at the winery where they got married just outside of Geelong, but I think I might add that photo to my Instagram page at a later date. I’m sure that when I showed the bride this photo on the back of my camera she was probably thinking…hmmm…ok. But now you know what I was up to hey Jenna!!

photography by riccardo.jpg





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Photo of the day

Here’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while! It seems that I’m either always talking about the last wedding or portrait I’ve photographed, but in actual fact, there’s so much more that happens around here than just the last wedding or portrait. In order to give my clients their perfect album or wall portrait, every image is worked on for quite some time. I don’t do quick. My images are art and art takes time. Michelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine Chapel in one weekend after all! So from now on, you’re regularly going to see the Photo of the day. This could be a photo I’m currently working on or maybe a photo I’m just trying a new technique within or maybe it’s just a photo I like and have dug out of my archives to share with you all. Which ever way, I hope you all enjoy it. For those of you who follow me on Facebook you’ll be familiar with the Photo of the day album, now regular visitors to my blog can also see what’s going on.  So today I’ll start with a photo that was taken a few years ago during a shoot for Bridal House in Geelong. Love that dress!!


Riccardo 006.jpg


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Wet Weather Weddings

I often hear photographers whinging about wet weather. “the rain spoilt the couples wedding photos” Really? Truth of the matter is that regardless of the weather, amazing wedding photos can be captured any time. The wedding I photographed on Saturday is proof. Storms were predicted for Saturday, but according to the weather forecast, they wouldn’t occur until later in the day. Just as the bride was ready to go and meet her groom, we received a small shower. We waited about ten minutes and it seemed to clear, so on with the show we went. We were at the beautiful Wyndam resort in Torquay (about a 15 minute drive from Geelong) and just as the Bride and Groom started exchanging vows, the heavens opened up. Not just a shower, but as you can see from the photo, some fairly serious rain! They both took it in their stride, nothing was going to stop the most important part of the day. It’s a wedding service that no one will ever forget! But there is a silver lining to every cloud and shortly after the service, we headed into Geelong. I’ll write more about this wedding in a later post, but have a look at the second photograph that I’ve posted below. The weather Gods looked down at us and gave us this spectacular sight to work with. We kind of forgave them for the earlier downpour and ended up with some amazing wedding photography that this couple will treasure forever.





Riccardo Geelong Wedding Photographer

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Lovely email I received

I thought I’d share part of an email I received earlier today. I don’t usually share email, but this kind of stood out. This couple drove down to Geelong from Melbourne during the recent heat wave to meet me. Their wedding is later on this year down on the coast. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy of the weather that day is a bit milder than the 42 degrees we had the day they came down!

“Hi Riccardo, I wanted to confirm the booking of our wedding with you. I have to say that after spending countless hours searching through websites, we both agreed that nothing else we saw really came close to your quality of work. As Paul said, there are loads of photographers but there’s only one Riccardo. We both can’t wait to have you as part of our day. Jennifer and Paul.


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Previous Clients

Are you one of my previous clients? Then I have a surprise coming for you. It doesn’t matter whether I photographed your wedding, newborn baby portraits,  family portrait, glamour portrait or model portfolio or even if it was last week or 20 years ago, you’re still part of this big family (and growing weekly!!) So, if I’ve been lucky enough to work with you at any stage over the past 20 years, then please contact the studio so that you can update your contact details with me. You can send me an email through the website or give the Studio a call.





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Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Well after months of saying I’ll get around to it, I finally did get around to it and applied for membership into the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers in the United Kingdom. This morning i was accepted. It’s a bit of a privilege really because there are only 34 photographers in the whole of Australia that are members and of those, only 9 or so are from Victoria. Which now makes me the only Geelong Photographer that’s a member!   I’ve always enjoyed a bit of a challenge and this will be a good way to measure up my wedding and portrait photography against other photographers from all around the world. Now…to win some competitions!!





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What’s on in January.

Well things are finally starting to settle down here after the Christmas period. Thank you to all of you that sent messages telling me how happy Grandparents were when they received a family portrait print on Christmas day. I love hearing those sort of stories from my clients. So what is in store for 2014? Well, if you’re getting married and planning your wedding, I have some new and exiting products on the way, one of which is already here and it looks amazing! It has allowed me to add a new package to my list and brides who have seen it have all given it a huge thumbs up! On top of that, I have some new locations in and around the Geelong area, so get ready for some new looks!!

Portraits are changing too, some of the clients who have been in over the past month have got a small taste of the new style and change. There are also be a few promotions coming up over the next few months, so keep an eye out for those on here or, if you’re on Facebook, Like my page and subscribe to the newsletter. Specials photography deals will be sent to subscribers before a general release. You can follow the link Here to the Facebook page. If you haven’t already seen it, I currently have a Valentines Day promotion running but places are limited! So if you’re looking for a more personal gift for your loved one, then this might just be the thing you’re looking for. Full details are also on the Facebook page. Oh and if you’re a previous client, whether it be a past wedding or portrait client, there’s an extra special surprise coming for you all in the next month. A few more surprises coming soon, so stay tuned!



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